Create your own branded and flexible online auction solution

Use your own brand – we provide a white label solution which you can customize using your own look & feel to create a fully branded customer experience.

Stay flexible & cost efficient – our cloud-based software is highly reliable, scalable and cost-efficient with no need for costly upfront investments or ongoing maintenance cost.

Keep control of your customer data – we are not a marketplace or aggregator who uses and shares your customer data; with AuctionTech, your most valuable data remains safe and under your control.

Create a unique user experience – our integrated suite of customer interfaces and consoles are intuitive and easy to use and provide a unique and seamless user experience.

Record-breaking live video auctions

True “live” experience – our proprietary system enables a real-time live-stream with minimal latency between the physical auction room and the digital user interface allowing for a true “live” experience with no delay.

High quality video & audio – we broadcast all our auctions using a video stream in HD-quality thereby providing the user with a full TV experience.

Any device worldwide – our fully responsive design allows users to watch auctions on any device worldwide, including tablets and mobiles.

No plug-ins or downloads needed – a user can access and view our auctions directly through his browser with no need for additional downloads or apps.

Place bids any time – users can place absentee bids at any time before or during the auction, so they never miss out on any item.

Online bidding & interaction – online users can not only bid live during the auction; they can also interact with the auctioneer or someone in the auction team via a chat to ask any question in real-time.

Everyone is in control – our integrated suite of different consoles and user interfaces provides individual actors in the auction process with all information needed on a single page to help them take decisions in real-time.

Flexible timed auctions

Flexible start & finish time – using a “staggered” auction model, you can freely decide when and how long individual items should be up for sale to enable unsuccessful bidders on one item placing a successful bid on a subsequent similar item.

Buy it now – you have the option to include a “buy it now” functionality to enable interested bidders to buy an item at a fixed price during the auction to increase competition and speed up the sale.

Anti-sniping – we offer you the possibility to extend an auction if a new bid comes in right before the end to allow other higher bids to come in to increase the final sale price.

Always up to date – Bidders are notified in real-time if their bid has been accepted or if they have been out-bid so they can adjust their offer to remain in the lead.

Full bid data transparency – we provide the seller with access to various levels of bid history, so they can decide what information to share with whom to drive for the optimal auction result.

Additional tools and services to improve your productivity

Full bidder management – our solution enables you to manage all aspects of your bidders from registration to authentication and white-listing to ensure you have a trusted and qualified user base.

Creating and managing an auction – we have all the tools to help you set up and run an auction for a single object or large collection of items in a very simple way.

Uploading & sharing your inventory – our software offers standard APIs to upload your content data to our system and share it with partner and aggregator sites to maximize your reach.

Data insights & CRM – we gather and analyze your customer and auction data in a systematic way to help you create valuable insights for targeted CRM initiatives pre- and post-auction.