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Our history

AuctionTech was founded by members of the former product & technology team of Auctionata, which was the world’s largest online auction house for art & luxury and inventor of the live video auctions. Auctionata had developed a proprietary, end-to-end auction software system that enabled broadcasting live auctions in real-time from anywhere in the world to any device worldwide.

Based on its unrivalled video auction technology, the company achieved numerous world records for online prices – the latest being a Chinese clock selling for € 3.4 million – 100% online via smartphone.Following a failed merger with a main US competitor, the company went into administration in 2017.

Supported by several investors, the AuctionTech team acquired the entire technology IP from Auctionata. AuctionTech is a pure software company that provides a broad range of flexible and customized auction solutions to a wide spectrum of industries – from traditional auction houses to other markets, such as real estate, watches and cars.

We believe that online auctions are a very transparent and efficient way of selling, which has not been leveraged enough outside the traditional auction markets. Based on our proprietary true live auction technology and unique customer experience, we pave the way for video auctions becoming a mainstream online sales & retail format for high-value items.

Our focus is on building on our legacy of pioneering work and continue developing state-of-the-art online auction solutions for our partners with a unique and exciting customer experience, underpinned by value-added tools and services to drive productivity and efficiency.

Our investors

German Startups Group is a listed venture capital fund based in Berlin  that focuses on young, fast-growing companies within the German speaking region. Since its start in  2012, German Startups Group has become one of the most active private venture capital investors in  Germany (CB Insights 2015, PitchBook 2016) and built a diversified portfolio consisting of some of the most successful and best known German start-ups. The company acquires majority and minority shareholdings and supports its portfolio firms through its broad network and experience – ranging from strategy development, financing rounds, restructuring necessities, to M&A transactions and exit strategies.

Mercurius Private Equity is an active investment company, that promotes promising business ideas and supports them in the long-term and in partnership. Mercurius is an active sparring partner, providing capital and strategic know-how. Together with the founders, Mercurius wants to use innovative ideas to create services and products that make a difference. The investment focus lies in the seed and initial growth phase of start-up companies where Mercurius adds substantial value through their extensive cross-industry experience and international network.

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Our team and software have a strong track record of running successful auctions, achieving numerous world records.


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