Flexible Timed Auctions

Flexible Timed Auctions
  • Flexible start & finish time – using a “staggered” auction model, you can freely decide when and how long individual items should be up for sale to enable unsuccessful bidders on one item placing a successful bid on a subsequent similar item.
  • Buy it now – you have the option to include a “buy it now” functionality to enable interested bidders to buy an item at a fixed price during the auction to increase competition and speed up the sale
  • Anti-sniping – we offer you the possibility to extend an auction if a new bid comes in right before the end to allow other higher bids to come in to increase the final sale price
  • Always up to date – Bidders are notified in real-time if their bid has been accepted or if they have been out-bid so they can adjust their offer to remain in the lead
  • Full bid data transparency – we provide the seller with access to various levels of bid history, so they can decide what information to share with whom to drive for the optimal auction result